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Debugging Bug Sweeps

Spying electronics have never been more accessible to the general public. These surveillance bugs can be introduced into computers, telephones, electrical fittings, furnishings etc... and may be undermining your privacy at home, in the office, or in your car. Peter Taylor & Associates use specialised equipment and appropriate methods to detect active spying bugs that may be covertly fitted for disguised eavesdropping.

With continuing media exposure the art of bugging has become a common practice in gathering intelligence covertly. Sophistications in technology made it nearly impossible to detect today's listening devices, which is the reason the method is so successful. This means that if you were to be bugged it would be nearly impossible to detect.

In today's competitive market, bugging could give your competitors the edge in business. All of your business strategies could be revealed.

You may work in an organisation that has information that could be manipulated to the advantage of an individual or business.

A media organisation may profit from listening to your private calls or meetings.

Anyone can be the target of covert eavesdropping. Some people however, run a greater risk due to the financial position, occupation, legal, or domestic situation.

• Parents bug children
• Business men and women bug between each other. So do some spouses & partners.
• Students bug professors
• Lawyers bug other lawyers (and their clients)
• Insurance companies bug accident victims and other claimants
• Salesmen bug clients
• Police officers bug suspects
• Executive recruiters bug personnel directors
• Fans and mass-media bug celebrities

Bugging is rarely legal or court sanctioned and is a highly intrusive peek into your affairs, whether personally or professionally related.
If you feel you are under threat then we are here to help. Peter Taylor & Associates debugging sweeps will effectively identify covert spy bugs and remove them, making your place of work, business, or home bug free and safe from covert eavesdropping.

With 25 years of experience in private investigation work and drawing on the skills of ex-military, security, and police staff we can determine the level of threat and remove any devices that have been placed through the method of bugging.

As part of our highly confidential service we may also be able to determine who bugged you. We will provide consultancy on how to avoid further threats.

Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance refers to the steps a person or business takes to avoid being the victims of covert surveillance. In today’s society, the issue of surveillance is daily news. Bugging has become a part of everyday life, used by the media, and many other elements in the modern world. Counter surveillance has, therefore, become extremely important to today’s businesses and individuals.

The key issue in counter surveillance and anti surveillance is the detection of electronic devices which put your privacy at risk. Peter Taylor & Associates provides a professional counter surveillance service, using methods such as debugging sweeps. Our agents are experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable in the field. Behind them is the wealth of experience that more than twenty-five years in the business brings. We are experts in debugging services, and will complete our sweep efficiently and effectively.

Counter surveillance has never been as important as it is right now, so if you feel you may be under threat do not delay in employing Peter Taylor & Associates. We are a respected and talented counter surveillance agency. Contact us today.

Debugging Services

Our debugging services have helped hundreds of people to eradicate surveillance that was placed on them covertly, and often illegally. Our debugging sweeps are quick, accurate, and can be organised quickly as soon as you get in touch with us. Do not sit on your suspicions for long. While you do, you could be giving away details of your professional or personal life that you do not want to be known. Our debugging services can help to clear you of all concerns, and get your daily life running as it should be. Security and freedom from worry are not far away. Contact us today and rest assured in your privacy.

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