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Service of subpoenas

Subpoena service is one of the most common processes that this agency serves daily. Subpoenas instruct the recipient to either supply evidnce to support a legal proceeding, or to attend court as a witness to testify. 

A more common term for a subpoena is summons or witness summons. Personal service of witness summons should be handled by a qualified and authorized process server. Once the service has been completed, a process server will fill out and file a proof of service.

It is important to note that the person serving the legal notices is not party to the legal action and it is never a good idea allowing an amateur to handle a professional task. So take the step to hire a professional process server, especially in matters which require serving a witness summons.

Subpoena Service Advice

As a professional investigation agency, we have been serving subpoenas for over forty years. Success as a process server requires more skills then just serving. Regularly we are required to use expert tracing skills, since many people do not want to be located and served and will do whatever it takes to avoid being tracked down.

We can do all work for you

Witness summons process is more than just serving; it may be required to complete the relevant paper work, or may require court permission and then, a court's ceil.

Peter Taylor & Associates can do all work for you, leaving you the time to deal with other issues of equal importance, safe in the knowledge that our team of professionals is working to serve papers for you.  

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