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Locus in Quo - investigation on the scene of an incident

Need an expert investigation into the scene of an incident?

Our Locus in Quo reports will provide you with information that could be crucial for a legal case.

Our team of industry expert private investigators can respond to your instruction and attend the scène of an accident or crime in a matter of hours.

Locus in Quo reports can be used for any accident or incident scenes if they have caused injury, personal damage, or loss of any kind. They are also used to report on crime scenes. Our professional investigators will attend to complete in-depth investigation. We prepare detailed and accurate reports that can be extremely important in a legal case. 

An accident or incident could include:


What should you expect - what would be in the report?

You should expect nothing less than detailed diagrams, photographs and measurements of all of the environmental variables relevant to a claim. We can reconstruct accidents, check traffic sequences, photograph injuries, and include professional mapping.

High definition photos
• In depth observations and investigation by industry experts
• Accurate and detailed reports including witness statements

Locus in Quo reports are principally used for legal cases to determine the cause of an accident, who was at fault, how specific injuries occurred, and how the environment impacted the damage sustained.

We have extensive experience in investigating these types of incidents. Our trained investigators will carefully measure the accident or incident location, take pictures of the area and any pertinent construction or natural phenomena that could have contributed to the occurrence, and provide a scaled and detailed drawing of the area with photographs and measurements.

The types of industries we currently work with are:  law firms, insurance companies and domestic clients.

If you have been involved in an accident or incident that needs to be clearly documented for litigation purposes, we can provide the service and the Locus in Quo either to you or to the courts on your behalf. If you are an insurance company that needs site work for case purposes, we can assign a professional investigator to work the site and provide you with a comprehensive Locus in Quo report. 

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