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Surveillance is often one of the best options when you need to determine exactly what a person's activities are.
Peter Taylor & Associates’ surveillance service provides a range of packages depending on your circumstances and budget.

• Short surveillance session
• Long periods of surveillance
• International operations
• Bespoke packages

Discreet Surveillance

Our Surveillance operations are performed by knowledgable staff experienced in carrying out discreet tasks. Most come from a police or military background. This gives you confidence in instruction and high standards guarantee.
We are experienced to help in all situations:

• Confirming a person’s activities or contacts
Locating a person’s place of work or their home address
Employment matters
• Stokers
Domestic and marital issues
Business and corporate
Insurance investigation
• Family matters
• Full surveillance for case preparation
Benefit fraud
• Neighbour disputes

Achieving Results With the Latest Technology

• Fleet of vehicles
• Covert body camera
• GPS tracking
• Motorbike surveillance
• Night vision surveillance scopes and cameras
• Various long and short range listening devices

Surveillance is a key service in corporate investigation cases of fraud, corruption, theft, sickness absenteeism and much more. Corporate Surveillance Solutions provided by this agency are designed to meet every situation whether it is a matter of an initial investigation, covert surveillance, counter surveillance, or that of a pro-active risk assessment.

Corporate Surveillance has become a standard service provided to small businesses and large corporations alike. We can work alongside businesses discreetly or become a essential service within.
Sickness absence is costing businesses millions, internal fraud billions, and corruption brings businesses to a close. Do not take the risk. If you are concerned, unsure, or just require consultancy then contact our corporate investigation team on 0161 371 7190 or leave us your details here today!

We will respond to any requirement you may have, adapting to the situations that face us. We have both male and female investigators who are all recruited and supported by our experienced logistics team.

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