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Lie detector tests

Lie detector testing is not only used to sensationalise television chat shows.

Polygraph testing can be used in one-off instances for issues such as infedility, or as part of more general programs of testing such as pre-employment screening

The author of any good CV can bluff their previous successes and experience in the work place. Is this the truth?

After investing time and money in a recruitment campaign to attract a quality candidate, do not let them pull the wool over your eyes. Lie detecting is an accurate way to test the candidate as part of pre-employment screening.

Cheating partner?

Do you have suspicions about yours partners fidelity? Don’t leave this to chance. Our lie detector test can easily and accurately determine if your partner or spouse is being honest.

We also hold certification on the testing of sex offenders whether you are the victim or are being accused of being an offender.

How long does the test take?

The lie detector test take approximately two hours and can be carried out either in the home, the office, or our offices.

What is involved?

Using the latest technology in the field the Polygraph charts are generated by attaching four components to the subject.

After the test has been completed, the examiner will read the generated charts to establish truth or deception. The agreed questions will always be asked at least twice.

How reliable are the results?

There is no doubt that the polygraph is highly reliable, providing the person using it is properly trained and the technique they use is validated.

We will provide a full written report accompanied by charts that further substantiate the results against the questions that are asked.

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