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Benefit / Financial / Insurance Fraud

Fraud is theft by another name, theft through deception. It is perpetrated by people who see an easy target, whether they are part of your workforce, one of your suppliers or end users, or an individual who has spotted some vulnerability in a certain area.

Fraud is on the increase and it is imperative to maintain an increased level of awareness.

You may not detect it until it is too late!

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a massive problem and comes in many forms. Exaggerating your household claim for theft of belongings, inventing details on a personal injury claim, falsifying accounts, or setting up a bogus company for nefarious reasons are all types of fraud. Fraud can have an irrevocable effect on it's victim's life and do damage to their profits.

Our professional investigators boast years of experience and expertise in these areas. We can advise you on the best way to firstly stop the process and secondly, to try to gather sufficient evidence to prosecute offenders.

Fraud investigations. Evidence gathering

Our fraud investigations have included the forensic examinations of PC’s, laptops and mobile phones, and many other technological items storing information. We can identify the crucial evidence you need to stop fraud from damaging your work and your life.Contact us today. 

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