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Pre Employment Vetting and Background Checks

Background Check

There are few things more important to your business than the completion of a full and valid background check on new employees. Recruitment has grown increasingly complicated in recent years, with background investigation becoming an integral part of the process.

Background checks can save you from many future complications. Entering into business with someone unknown to you is a risky business, and every new employee you bring in may be a danger to company. Our specialist vetting services and background checks are completed by skilled and experienced individuals who work hard to ensure the best results for your company. Some businesses may be tempted to carry out checks on their own, but in such an important area it is essential that you employ professionals such as us here at Peter Taylor & Associates. We take this difficult and essential task out of your hands and complete it with the utmost levels of professionalism. Using us is a sure fire way to ensure that you do not employ the wrong people for your company.

Standard Comprehensive Background Checks

Our standard comprehensive background checks investigate many areas of the subject’s history and current situation, ensuring that you receive a thorough and up-to-date account of a potential employee or partner’s situation, or of the honesty of a debtor. Background check services include property and vehicle investigations, to make sure that the subject has presented a true address and check that all assets have been declared. We can also investigate any businesses the subject may own, ensuring their validity and functionality. Further checks can be made on any businesses the subject is associated with. Our experienced and talented agents also use background checks to determine any past criminal charges, bad press, or associations with undesirable persons. With a standard comprehensive background check you will also receive any photographic evidence that will be of assistance to you. Our in-depth background checks are carried out professionally, thoroughly, discreetly, and with the utmost care. No service provides with a fuller knowledge of a potential associate – in-depth background checks can help in many situations. The experience and knowledge of our agents is second-to-none, so contact us today and avoid any future complications.

Employment Checks

One very common form of background check is the employment check. With an employment check you can be sure of the truth of an employee’s work history. We offer employment checks which guarantee a thorough investigation of any member of staff’s previous employment. Using us to check the histories of new potential staff members will help you to employ only those who are most suited to the role. If there are any lies on a person’s CV, we will detect them. Our employment checks will also unearth any more serious issues as we delve into your prospective employee’s financial and criminal history. After Peter Taylor & Associates completes an employment check on your behalf, you will know everything you need to know. You will be able to make a correct and informed decision, avoiding issues that can develop down the line.

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal checks are essential to many companies and institutions when attempting to avoid association with undesirables. Without a comprehensive and valid criminal check by a professional agent, you can not guarantee that any future employees or partners are safe associates for your company. Peter Taylor & Associates are happy to take this important task out of your hand. In employing our agents you are creating an alliance with a team of experienced agents who have been in the industry for over 25 years. Our criminal background checks are comprehensive and have prevented many companies from making mistakes in the past. Using a criminal records check can prevent issues such as employee theft, mistrust in the workplace, and regular employee turnover. Our checks also help you to create a safe workplace, with good morale, and employees that are honest, safe, and trustworthy. We strongly recommend you use this service before making any moves to employ new staff members or to enter into business with an unknown entity. Peter Taylor & Associates promise a first-rate and unrivalled service, so look no further, contact us today.


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