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Corporate and commercial investigations

With over 40 years of experience in private and corporate level investigations, our team provides exceptional solutions for due diligence, risk management, commercial investigations and a range of services for private individuals.

We focus on the corporate end of investigations such as legal support, asset searches and intelligence gathering.  Our unrivalled knowledge in the industry engenders comprehensive solutions fit to the requirements of clients in the North West (Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Merseyside) and Nationwide.

Peter Taylor, our lead investigator, has established a top-class reputation during his decades in the business. He is rightly considered to be one of the best investigators in the business. With his team, including highly qualified and experienced ex-police officers, he covers a wide range of investigation services:

Litigation Support

Litigation is rarely straightforward, and no matter what your situation is, a successful trial can only come from professional support when gathering irrefutable evidence and building your case.

Pre Employment Vetting and Background Checks

Be sure of who you are employing or who you are about to get into business with by utilising our exhaustive pre employment vetting and background search services.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is essential in mitigating risk, and inadequate delivery can compromise contracts, risk fraudulent attacks or simply result in major losses that were entirely avoidable.

Asset Tracing

Using our specialist asset searches, you can improve preparation for litigation and better understand the financial status of individuals or organisations you are working with or competeing against. 

Benefit Fraud and Financial Fraud

Fraud by any other name is theft by deception: It is perpetrated by anyone who can see an easy target, whether they are part of your workforce, one of your suppliers or end users, or an individual who has spotted some vulnerability in a certain area. Fraud is on the increase and it is imperative to maintain an increased level of awareness. You may not detect it until it is too late.

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